We all are beautiful!! You just need the eye to see that.

The media has dictated that society ought look in one, specific way…
Thin. Primped up. Make up. Ripped. And to an extent slutty. And it is because of this perception of beauty that society has thus, unintentionally, defined itself as shallow and one sided.
Beauty is not just on the outside. It can’t be found in the most high class clothes or most expensive make ups. It can’t be found in the negative opinions of those who think beauty is an exclusive thing. It’s not just found smaller weights or preferred weights that Hollywood has exaggerated.
Beauty is found in heart of every person. Beauty is found in the smile of every person. Beauty is found in happiness. Beauty is found in the confidence of someone. Beauty is found not just on the outside, but on the inside.
Every height is considered beautiful.
Every weight is considered beautiful.
Every voice is considered beautiful.
EVERY PERSON is beautiful.
All the people that the media has proclaimed as beautiful, are indeed beautiful in their own unique way. But every other person in society is just as beautiful, in their own unique and special way.
And we ought not forget that.
Beauty is Everywhere at All times Just Simply Look.
You should open your eyes and see the beauty in everything. Beauty is in people, nature, gestures, feelings, memories. Beauty is everything and is everywhere. And you just have to open your eyes and accept it! Let it in. Beauty is something I see everyday. Beauty is waiting around every corner and in every town.
And in my opinion, Yes, you. The one reading this right now, you are beautiful, talented, amazing and simply best at being you. Never forget that.