Thank you Dad!

Thank you Dad!


Life didn’t seem all rosy and sweet when I was a child but today when I turn back the pages of my life, it all seems so perfect. As I recall those years today, I wish to take you along with me dad. Just as I accompanied you to the vegetable market on Sunday mornings, I want you to revisit my childhood with me and share the joy.

As a child I had a bunch of complains about everything right from being woken up early to having dinner at home on Sundays. Life just seemed so tough and uptight. But today it all seems so right. The complains of yesterday have turned into the strength and maturity of today.

As I grew up, I felt bad when we didn’t travel on annual summer holidays like the rest of families, but i realize today that you gifted us the entire world in our hands by cultivating the habit of reading good books.

We didn’t treat guests in pricey restaurants but entertaining people at home gave me the best training in hospitality that no finishing school could have ever imparted.

We didn’t exchange expensive gifts with our relatives on festivals but when the time rose you shared the strong bond called “family” and stood by them through their thick and thin.

We didn’t have a power back up in our home in times of frequent power cuts but your sense of humor and witty one liners brought the light of joy in my eyes.

In the harsh summers we didn’t have the luxury of air conditioners in our rooms but the cool watermelons that you unfailingly brought and kept for us in the refrigerator gave unmatched refreshment.

You were strict with me and late night partying was not heard of in our house, but you gave me freedom to take the biggest decisions of my life – be it my choice of education, selection of career, or decision to marry.

I might not have had the latest of fashion in my wardrobe but the best books on the subjects I studied were always there on my desk.

We didn’t own a car and didn’t go on long drives, but you took me on long early morning walks and gave me the best lessons on health and life in the lap of nature.

It bugged me a lot when you constantly stressed on the importance of punctuality but when I was considered a role model for the entire office for reaching the office regularly on time it gave me a sense of pride.

It irritated me when you scolded me for wasting my time in unproductive work, but today when I multi task throughout the day and succeed in saving some precious time for myself, I feel happy.

I got frustrated when you daily corrected my dining table etiquettes, but today when I dine with high ranking officials or attend parties at a 5 star I feel at ease and comfortable.

I may not have had the opportunity to attend an Oxford or Harvard university, but your life in itself is a great institution that inculcated in me the principles of honesty, sincerity and hard work which the best universities can never teach.

I couldn’t comprehend why you laid so much stress on the value of good, healthy and home cooked food but today when I see people my age ruining their health being addicted to outside food, I understand the reason behind my good health.

I mocked when you strived to keep the home tidy no matter what but today when guests compliment me for the tidiness of my home, I remember you say, “Cleanliness is Godliness.”

When I see families breaking,I feel so proud that my dad set the best example of family values by loving and respecting his parents till the very end.

When some dads gave the best luxuries to their children you endowed me with the highest ideals of living a life, when some dads spoilt their kids by fulfilling all demands, you taught me to live with discipline and satisfaction, when some dads took their children on foreign trips, you shared your worldly wisdom with me at home.

When some dads gifted a house, car and money to their kids, you gifted me education and self respect to earn the luxuries of life on my own. And when some dads did everything for their children so they could live a relaxed life, you put your unconditional faith in me and let me create a life that I can call my own.

Thank you dad for being the person you are. Thank you dad for everything.

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