Purani Yaadein!!

Purani Yaadein!!




Which other TV shows are like Malgudi Days?

I love Malgudi Days and consider it as one of the best TV series in the history of Indian television.

Those were the golden days of Indian TV, probably some of the best TV sitcoms were from that period, which unfortunately is lost as nowadays Indian TV programs is filled with disgusting soaps that run all year long for years.

Those were the golden days.

Some other serials that come to mind are

Yeh Jo hai Zindagi


Aa bail Mujhe Maar

Flop Show


Vikram aur vetal

Singhansan batisi

Jaane kahan gaye woh din…

Dada Dadi Ki Kahani,

Ramayan, Wah Janab,

Hum Log,


Paying Guest…

Couple of English serials from those days surely will make it to the list but I thought let’s keep it Indian for now. 🙂

Smart app, iPhone, you tube, Face book have taken the space completely, it’s sad now days people don’t call each other to ask how they are, just use whatsapp, children stuck to iPhone iPad,

They don’t enjoy games with neighborhood friends just play candy crush. Technology has certainly given world good things but has taken away heart to heart connection. I used to watch Mahabharata, jungle book and malgudi days, wonderful childhood learns good values and also have fun watching cartoons, but these days it’s all stupid item songs, rubbish saas bahu stories.

Ahh the good old times.

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