Legends are born from Legacies

Legends are born from Legacies



However wealthy one might be or successful one may become, whether your home is filled with designer furniture and you own 5 cars ultimately all is going to the land where you live.

For I believe, the lives of men are buried in the sands of time. And time being the cruelest of all, doesn’t remember anyone.

It doesn’t stop to respect kings and nobles or wealthy merchants or businessmen. It passes by men of affluence and of poverty with the same speed. Future generations will not look behind at the men of past unless their legacies are alive. And our children will look up to us only if our deeds are something to look up to.

Though time is harsh and forgets the best of men it can never forget their heroic deeds. Though people are born, live, die and forgotten; the difference their work made to the world will always live on. It is the legacy of the man that makes him a legend, it can never be the other way round.

If you were asked 5 great architects, maybe you won’t be aware but famous buildings like Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty etc will immediately come to your mind.

How many times has it happened that you are humming a melodious song and you try to remember the singer or musician?

We visit a restaurant frequently because we love its food, but do we know who is the chef???

We do not remember the name of the painter of a beautiful painting, but his work will always be etched in our minds.

We are inspired by huge MNCs like Pepsi and General Motors but how many of us know who were these companies founded by?

Clothing lines of Versace and Dolce & Gabbana are loved by all but do we know who designs them?

Often it has happened that I forget the author of an interesting book but his quotes have stayed with me since the time I read it.

Be it architects, painters, musicians, designers or authors we rarely remember their names but we love their creations and often it is a part of our lives.

It is their work that makes them immortal and compels time to honor them a place in the world not only when they live but also when they have long left us.

We all know that once we are gone, people will miss us for a year at the most and remember us once a year later on. Sad reality of life is people move on and the world doesn’t notice the difference. Unless, you have made a difference to the world.

Make the most of life to give something to others selflessly than to always gain. Make the most of time to create something of your own and let that creation speak for its creator


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