I am human. Am weak sometimes.

I am human. Am weak sometimes.I pity myself. Sometimes I sit & think about all the setbacks and I let that shatter all of my happiness. I let it dictate who I am. I become my failures. I let my goals drop to the floor and nothing seems like it will ever be alright.



But each time this happens, it only takes a couple days and then I’m back on my feet and I’m ready and I adjust my sails according to the my storm, and my goals are in sight again, even if I have to squint to see them.

I am relentless, I am unbreakable, and even if at the end of all of this hard work, the suffering, the countless tears, the frustration, the small victories… even if I don’t hit the times I want or accomplish the goals that I set forth so long ago… I will always have that dream inside of me. I am a valuable and important person no matter where I end up.

No matter the outcome, I will always be relentless & unstoppable in the pursuit of my dreams. And the pursuit is what it’s all about.

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