She is so much more…

She’s timid and she’s broken.
She’s the girl who cares too much.
Loves too much.
And hurts too much.
She’s the girl who over thinks.
Who over-analyzes every situation.
She’s the girl who fears what others think of her.
One who takes everything to heart.
She’s the girl who isn’t afraid of falling apart because it happens all too often.
She knows what it’s like to be alone.
To be different.
To be awkward.
She’s afraid to take a chance.
To put herself out there.
To be confident and succeed.
She’s the girl who isn’t much to look at, but there is so much to be seen.
The compassion she holds could heal an army, perhaps an entire nation.
She is silly, loves to laugh, and can make you smile.
She’s the girl whose heart is worn on her sleeve.
Bleeding and left open for all to see.
She’s the girl who is often overlooked.
Perhaps she is too open or too sensitive.
Maybe it is her inability to follow the crowd.
To participate in the small-talk about unimportant things.
She does not know..
She’s the girl whose skin is obviously anything but thick.
But she is real and she is true.
And she may just be the one to surprise you.
She is so much more…

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