Storms of Change!!

Storms of Change!!


Sometimes nature’s storms can be much like the storms or challenges we face in life. Many times I’ve felt that the unwanted challenges, traumas, and setbacks I’ve faced in my life are like storms. I used to struggled against these challenges, a bit like struggling against the wind. I thought that they “shouldn’t” be happening. I now see these types of life challenges or storms as a great shift in energy, something that has come to me as a gift, and possibly come to redirect the course of my life.

I am currently going through challenges in my life that are asking me to redirect, rethink, recreate, let go, “be”, and expand how I experience myself and the world. Most people around me would consider these events traumas, setbacks, losses and so on. But I experience them, in all their good and bad, as an exciting shift in energy, much like a glorious storm. They have come to clear out stagnant air, rearrange the landscape, and offer me new perspectives. At some point, when I have more clarity and distance from these events, I may write about them. But for now, I keep my heart open and embrace the mystery and wonder of life.

When we are open to life’s storms we begin to realize that we are being offered something new and usually much needed, a brand new perspective, a new direction, opportunities that might not occur to us in our easy “sunny-weather-days”.

Or opportunities that we might not willingly choose without a little (or BIG) nudge from the universe. Storms often change the landscape and offer us a totally new view, just as heavy rain washes all clean, leaving us with clearer vision. Sometimes it can be a challenge to look at a changed landscape and decide how we will navigate it. Yet it is undoubtedly an opportunity for growth.

Like the wildlife and plants that return to a stormed-changed area, we too can return to life with new insights and new purpose.

Storms also have taught me to be more aware, not fearful, just aware. So each storm I face, whether in nature or in my life, I am more conscious and better able to decide how I want to respond, instead of reacting out of fear. I keep my heart open to storms of change.

What storms are you currently weathering, or have weathered in the past?

Can you share advice on how you are dealing (or dealt) with these storms?


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