Dreamers are the sanest of us.

Dreamers are the sanest of us.


Dreamers are the sanest of us. We’re not crazy, frankly, we’re quite practical creatures. We don’t gamble with the regrets and what ifs of life, we figure if you only have one life to live, you ought to live it to its fullest.

I think we frighten society because we can’t be pinned down, groomed into minions, boxed-in, brainwashed, dictated.

What we possess cannot be stolen. We refuse to submit to something that doesn’t satisfy us, no matter how many times we’re drilled that “this is just the way it is” or “that’s just life”, with a shrug of shoulders.

See, we know they’re lying through their teeth. We know nothing is impossible.

We enrich our spirits, and worry less about our pocketbooks.

The fulfilled will die the richest on the earth, even if penniless.

We’re the ones who change the world, for with no dreams to fuel it, there would cease to be the electricity of change, the progression of the world would come to a frozen halt, and yet, we’re ostracized, mocked, misunderstood, insulted, called insane.

No, insanity is the belief that money trumps happiness, the delusion that you will never run out of time to do the things you dream of, that obtaining and exhibiting your wealth is more important than the health of humanity and of the earth, that ego will serve you better than humility, that superficiality is of greater weight than spirit. Insanity is letting it always be “someday” instead of “today”.

If only the world could understand that the greatest risk is to let go of your dreams, to give up on the pursuit of happiness, a better quality of life for all, to surrender to the world’s madness and disorder.

The risk is not in being a dreamer, it’s in sitting there unsatisfied and doing nothing.

Stand up and walk.

Excuses are for fools.

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