Why do we need superheroes?

I grew up watching Batman on TV and reading Superman comic books.

There’s an inner five year old in all of us who wants to believe we have the power to fly, to see through walls, to be invisible. We first believed that was possible reading those comics, hiding under the covers with a flashlight because we were still scared of those monsters in the dark.

There’s an inner ten year old in all of us who wants to believe anything is possible, who wants to know there are no limits, who wants to soar to places our parents could never go.

Batman. Superman. Wonderwoman. They all inspire us to speak up for the weak, to stand up for truth and justice.

Superheroes are more than symbols.

We soar with them. We cheer for them. We rest our fears beside them, knowing the world isn’t such a scary place with them in it. They bring light into the darkest corners of the earth and make that tiny flashlight beam under the covers feel like our very own sun that will never be extinguished.

The world can be a scary place whether you’re 5 or 55 or 95. We want to believe we’re not alone out there, that we have guardians and heroes on the front lines of life keeping us safe.

And we do. As we let go of our comic book heroes, Captain America, Iron Man, Spiderman, we latch on to real people to be our heroes…our parents, our spouses, our soldiers, firefighters and police officers.

Then one day we come to realize, we each possess our very own super power, the ability to heal… to hope… to love.

May that force be with you, the one that resides in us all.