This is life.

This is life.

Have you ever felt someone breathing next to you, and changed your breath to match theirs?

Have you ever stared at the clock and thought about how late it was? 

Have you ever looked in a mirror, and wondered how everyone else sees you? 

Have you ever stared at your phone, wishing you’d get that message? 

Have you ever sang a love song with all the feeling inside of you? 

Have you ever picked up something in your room, and had a rush of memories come with it? 

Have you ever cried so hard you felt empty? 

Have you ever had no one to turn to? 

Have you ever looked up at the sky, and wondered what someone else is doing? 

Have you ever said, “Fine,” and wanted them to ask you “How are you really?”

Have you ever felt lost, even though you’re in your own house?

Have you ever seen your path in life, and wanted so badly to sprint down it?

Have you ever just wanted to scream? 

Have you ever wanted to grab someone and hug them, but instead just walked by? Have you ever forgotten someone? 

Have you ever doubted everything you’ve ever known? 

Have you ever dreamed something, and wanted to cry when you woke up?

Have you ever lost something you can’t get back? 

Have you ever reached out for someone? 

Have you ever had a smile change your day?

Have you ever realized something that changed everything? 

Have you ever wanted a moment to never end? 

Have you ever looked back…and smiled?

This isn’t a poem. This is life.


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