The crazy thing is, everything is changing.

The crazy thing is, everything is changing.

As we speak, plants and animals are evolving. Temperatures are rising and falling. People are dying and being born. There are people opening university acceptation letters and people being laid off of work. News is being told all over the world that will change someone’s life forever. Money is being earned, stolen, lost, spent, saved…

Dreams are being realized and crushed.

Discoveries are being made. Planets are orbiting. Music is being written. Hearts are being broken. Someone’s finding the one they let go. Novels are being written and famous paintings are being visualized. Future lovers are meeting each other. Mistakes are being made.

Are you ready? For the change? Our world is hurtling towards entropy. Are you prepared for the chaos? It’ll get messy. You won’t know where you are or who you should be. I’m ready to hold on tight to the things and people I love. You are my anchors.
Here it comes.

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