You know this feeling?

When something really good happens to one of your friends or family. And you’re so genuinely happy for them, because that really rocks and they totally deserved it. You congratulate them and do a little happy-dance with them, and smile along with them whenever you catch their gaze.

And eventually you go home, and you finish the day, and you go to bed. You lie down and turn off the lights after setting your alarm for the next day. And as you lie there in the dark, you think about that friend and the great thing that happened to them.

That’s when you just feel a twinge-a little, teeny pinch of jealousy. And of course now you can’t fall asleep. You end up thinking about what you deserve, but don’t have, and you get angry.

Eventually you fall asleep and when you get up in the morning it isn’t a big deal anymore. If you see the friend again, you’re still happy for them. And you’ll continue to be. But sometimes the memory of that one night will sneak up on you and you’ll feel contemptuous for a moment.

Because why does everyone else get the things they deserve?

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