People-watching is probably my favorite thing to do.

I wouldn’t say that if someone asked me, though. I’d say that music is my favorite thing. I’d mention the artists that inspired me, that still inspire me. I’d tell them about the days of my youth, spent sitting with a radio at my side, passing the time. I’d say something about my aspirations to share my music with the world, to havepeople love it the way I loved all those musicians from my childhood.

At first it was just in school. I was a quiet kid, you know, the type that sat in the back and doodled, not causing trouble but not getting many participation points either. But behind my notebooks and novels I would watch my classmates. I’d sit at lunch and observe them interact, the things they said and did, the reactions they caused. It was fascinating, really. The human social experience. What did it all mean? Why did people do the things they did?

I kept watching people. I was kind of a loner in high school-I had some friends I’d hang out with, but we weren’t very close. I don’t know, I guess I’m just not a people person. I don’t really mix well with the rest of society. But I find it damn interesting to observe.

I saw these people walk down the street, talk on their cell phones, berate their children, kiss their lovers. It was brilliantly entertaining.

The world is really interesting when you just sit back and observe. Try it, sometime.

I suppose I’m just a better listener than a talker.

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