It’s funny how there are so many people in the world, but just a few of them are so vastly more important to you than all the others. And it’s only chance that these ones are your favorites-say you’d taken photography instead of choir, you’d probably have a whole different group of friends. Simple things set off small ripples, tremors, vibrations that affect your whole life determining who you’ll love when and how. Loving people in general is illogical. There are so many inconvenient things about love. It messes with your emotions. It creates social issues. There’s protocol to it that one must follow. The person you fall in love with probably has a lot of personality traits that really clash with yours, causing stress on the relationship. But we stick it out anyway. Why? Because we can’t stop it, goddamn it. We’re human and that’s what makes us human: the ability to love, regardless of how messy and difficult it is.

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