Describing my perfect woman


A woman with her head on straight. Who is absolutely human and striving to do her best. Who understands the significance of a past endured. A woman who has a past. A woman whose collective sum of all her parts and characteristics and strengths and imperfections is nothing short of beautiful to me. Who doesn’t need me, but wants me. Who deserves more than me, but sees me for who and what I am, what I have to offer, and loves me for it. A woman who wants a family, who would put them before herself, as I would put them and her before myself. Who appreciates the Gospel and wants to be sealed to her family for Eternity. A woman who has tremendous capacity to give and receive love. A woman with a logical mind. Someone friendly and outgoing, but who has a reserved side kept only for those she holds closest to her. A woman who doesn’t run from a challenge, who doesn’t throw in the towel when things get tough, who knows her divine worth, and seeks to help those around her realize their potential.


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