Why We Need Role Models

Why We Need Role Models

As we age, a lot more people of the youth look at us as if finding a good reason to live their lives.

Years ago, I also felt that way (and still feels the same now). We seek people whom we could look up to and say, “I wanted to be like them in 5 years time.” That is why role models are very vital in a community. They keep the youth or the younger generation on the right track.

Role Models are the key to a successful generation. They are like the living trainers of the world. They may not know how their lives affect others, but they are one of the most important people in a group. Whether it be in school, in a corporate world, in a community or even the basic unit of the society, the family.

When you have established role models, you know what to do in the next years of your life. It gives your life a purpose, someone to look up to and strive harder. They are our inspiration. We may not have the same life as they have but at least, there is something good in them that we want to achieve in the future.

Role models walk their talk. I consider them as one, if they not only say the right things but also do things the right way. They don’t have to be popular or perfect. They just need to be that person whom I can learn a lot and even ordinary people can be our role model. They can be your mom, sister, brother, teacher, boss and anyone that has affected your life or even your decisions somehow.

And as we grow older, we also have a greater responsibility when facing a group of young people. I personally didn’t know it at first but then, when they started to ask a lot of questions and you seem to affect their lives, it gave me goosebumps that whatever I say and do, they will follow it. I just realized how vital my role is as the “older one” in the group. The way you speak, the way you treat them can be passed on to other people as well.

I just realized that even if we are ordinary people, we can also be an inspiration to others whether we consciously know it or not.

How about your? Who are your role models and what are the characteristics that they posses? What type of people do you look up to and are your inspiration?

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