The crazy thing is, everything is changing.

The crazy thing is, everything is changing.

As we speak, plants and animals are evolving. Temperatures are rising and falling. People are dying and being born. There are people opening university acceptation letters and people being laid off of work. News is being told all over the world that will change someone’s life forever. Money is being earned, stolen, lost, spent, saved…

Dreams are being realized and crushed.

Discoveries are being made. Planets are orbiting. Music is being written. Hearts are being broken. Someone’s finding the one they let go. Novels are being written and famous paintings are being visualized. Future lovers are meeting each other. Mistakes are being made.

Are you ready? For the change? Our world is hurtling towards entropy. Are you prepared for the chaos? It’ll get messy. You won’t know where you are or who you should be. I’m ready to hold on tight to the things and people I love. You are my anchors.
Here it comes.



It’s funny how there are so many people in the world, but just a few of them are so vastly more important to you than all the others. And it’s only chance that these ones are your favorites-say you’d taken photography instead of choir, you’d probably have a whole different group of friends. Simple things set off small ripples, tremors, vibrations that affect your whole life determining who you’ll love when and how. Loving people in general is illogical. There are so many inconvenient things about love. It messes with your emotions. It creates social issues. There’s protocol to it that one must follow. The person you fall in love with probably has a lot of personality traits that really clash with yours, causing stress on the relationship. But we stick it out anyway. Why? Because we can’t stop it, goddamn it. We’re human and that’s what makes us human: the ability to love, regardless of how messy and difficult it is.

People you knew

People you knew

It’s sad when people you know become people you knew.

Do you see me in the hallways? Do you remember me?

I see you. I remember you. I think of the memories we made together, good or bad. I think of the things I liked about you, and the things I didn’t. Mostly I think ‘I should say something.’

But I don’t. I keep walking, and you keep walking. I’m too afraid, I guess. But something always stops me from putting my hand on your shoulder and saying, “Remember that time…”

Maybe I’m cowardly.

Do you feel the same way?

Or am I just another face in the crowd to you?



People-watching is probably my favorite thing to do.

I wouldn’t say that if someone asked me, though. I’d say that music is my favorite thing. I’d mention the artists that inspired me, that still inspire me. I’d tell them about the days of my youth, spent sitting with a radio at my side, passing the time. I’d say something about my aspirations to share my music with the world, to havepeople love it the way I loved all those musicians from my childhood.

At first it was just in school. I was a quiet kid, you know, the type that sat in the back and doodled, not causing trouble but not getting many participation points either. But behind my notebooks and novels I would watch my classmates. I’d sit at lunch and observe them interact, the things they said and did, the reactions they caused. It was fascinating, really. The human social experience. What did it all mean? Why did people do the things they did?

I kept watching people. I was kind of a loner in high school-I had some friends I’d hang out with, but we weren’t very close. I don’t know, I guess I’m just not a people person. I don’t really mix well with the rest of society. But I find it damn interesting to observe.

I saw these people walk down the street, talk on their cell phones, berate their children, kiss their lovers. It was brilliantly entertaining.

The world is really interesting when you just sit back and observe. Try it, sometime.

I suppose I’m just a better listener than a talker.

This is life.

This is life.

Have you ever felt someone breathing next to you, and changed your breath to match theirs?

Have you ever stared at the clock and thought about how late it was? 

Have you ever looked in a mirror, and wondered how everyone else sees you? 

Have you ever stared at your phone, wishing you’d get that message? 

Have you ever sang a love song with all the feeling inside of you? 

Have you ever picked up something in your room, and had a rush of memories come with it? 

Have you ever cried so hard you felt empty? 

Have you ever had no one to turn to? 

Have you ever looked up at the sky, and wondered what someone else is doing? 

Have you ever said, “Fine,” and wanted them to ask you “How are you really?”

Have you ever felt lost, even though you’re in your own house?

Have you ever seen your path in life, and wanted so badly to sprint down it?

Have you ever just wanted to scream? 

Have you ever wanted to grab someone and hug them, but instead just walked by? Have you ever forgotten someone? 

Have you ever doubted everything you’ve ever known? 

Have you ever dreamed something, and wanted to cry when you woke up?

Have you ever lost something you can’t get back? 

Have you ever reached out for someone? 

Have you ever had a smile change your day?

Have you ever realized something that changed everything? 

Have you ever wanted a moment to never end? 

Have you ever looked back…and smiled?

This isn’t a poem. This is life.




You know this feeling?

When something really good happens to one of your friends or family. And you’re so genuinely happy for them, because that really rocks and they totally deserved it. You congratulate them and do a little happy-dance with them, and smile along with them whenever you catch their gaze.

And eventually you go home, and you finish the day, and you go to bed. You lie down and turn off the lights after setting your alarm for the next day. And as you lie there in the dark, you think about that friend and the great thing that happened to them.

That’s when you just feel a twinge-a little, teeny pinch of jealousy. And of course now you can’t fall asleep. You end up thinking about what you deserve, but don’t have, and you get angry.

Eventually you fall asleep and when you get up in the morning it isn’t a big deal anymore. If you see the friend again, you’re still happy for them. And you’ll continue to be. But sometimes the memory of that one night will sneak up on you and you’ll feel contemptuous for a moment.

Because why does everyone else get the things they deserve?

Do You Have Any Volunteers In Your Garden?

I’m fortunate enough to have grown up with a very small vegetable garden that my parents maintained.  We often ate vegetables for dinner from the garden, picked flowers, grew corn, potatoes, zucchini.  We also had our “volunteer plants,” meaning seeds that happened to pop up, nurture themselves, and volunteer their wonderful offerings to us.  Sometimes it might be a type of berry, a different tomato plant, or a flower.

Let’s encourage all the “volunteers” in our lives.  Whether they be unexpected gifts, new people, or effortless events that pop up into our lives to help, inspire, or encourage us.  Not everything has to be done through an act of will.  Sometimes goodness shows up on its own… and we should embrace and be grateful for its welcome entrance into our lives…



Some days it’s not going to be so easy to find hope. You’ll search up and down, all over, but you may start to feel overwhelmed and out of touch with it. Always remember that even when you feel you can’t grasp the hope you need, it is always with you. Hope will never leave you. There will always be hope, even in the most difficult circumstances.

There’s Power Within You


You have to be the one who declares that this is not how it will always be. Don’t let your struggles win. You are strong, courageous and capable of all things in this world. You can still go after your dreams, your aspirations and your goals. You have it within you to excel in life despite any obstacles that come into play in your life. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are. There’s a spot wa…iting for you in the winners circle. We are our best motivators but also our best critics in life. There are already too many people in the world looking at us, criticizing, bullying, and trying to kill our dreams. We don’t need to do that to ourselves. Be your best cheerleader. Don’t compare yourself to anyone. Just be better than you were yesterday. Work on bettering yourself. Get up everyday knowing that whatever you do today, no matter how little it is, is helping to lead to better things. Each step is in the right direction. Don’t look back, just keep going and always believe that better things will come to you than those that you leave behind.

Everyone Struggles, Speak Kindness.

Life is a beautiful gift, but no one gets left untouched by the pain and suffering that it can bring. It is important to treat everyone that you come in contact with, with all the respect, kindness and love that you have to offer. You have no idea what someone is facing in their life. People have struggles that no one even knows about; fighting battles behind the scenes. You may think a person is handling life really well, but in reality they are barely hanging on. A kind message, a simple “I’m thinking of you” text, or a sweet smile, all could help lift someone up and give them the strength to keep fighting. Speak words of encouragement and hope to those around you. You may be the one whose words and actions save someone’s life without even realizing it.