“Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”

“Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”


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How often do you get inspired to follow a course of action and yet drop it?


Because you’re sceptical,because you’re not sure you’ll meet success in the end,because you might feel let down.However time and time again it is reiterated that action only begets success.

if you could just give it a try,an inch at a time.You might astound yourself with the success that hurries over to you .The only catch is that you need to outgrow your current, limited reality.

There was this fisherman who kept flinging back huge trout into the lake after reeling them in,and only keeping small sardine sized fingerlings in catch.His companion asked in consternation,”why do you do that”?”Oh I have a small frying pan”,was the quick reply .

That’s perhaps a measure of the estimate we have of our capabilities.We’ve got to make more room in our mind for possibilities that appear remote.

Some times you are two feet from the goldmine and you stop digging after going hundreds of feet under.

The amusing part is that this continues to happen in real life.

Even after we hear good advice ad nauseum!!What does it indicate?Are we at the mercy of fate?destiny?kismet?

One can go on enquiring and coming up with consoling “plausibilities”.Yet the fun begins,the fruition begins,the harvesting begins when you pause for a moment before giving up and walking away from the heap of toil.

You pause and ask yourself in that moment ,that ‘womb of decision-making” whether there is still an extra mile that you could traverse.

Thank heavens for the stamina of conviction Edison possessed otherwise, for sure candlelight dinners wouldn’t have been a novelty!

So what do you do? Resume.Get up and get going.Now


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