Slow down a little in life.




Slow down a little in life.

Slow down your pace ,slow down your work.

One thing at a time.Whatever you do let it be slow and deliberate.

Let it be enjoyable for you.

Let one or two things pass by if things are going too fast for you.

Automatically you’ll find things slowing down to your pace of things.

Work coming to you will slow down.its a scientific fact that rushing around in a constant hurry speeds up your biological clock as well,bringing about early ageing effects.

The slow, steady ,strong biblical life is most certainly a boon for “type A’s”,who are compellingly attached to hyper activity.

It’s a great idea to calm down ,slow down during the day by coming back “into” yourself many times.

All that you need to do is be in contact with your physical body for a few minutes consciously,focus on your breath a few minutes ,listen into the silent stillness residing within.

It’s an unusually effective “pick me up” in your work life as well.

Most of all keep smilin

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