Your online marketing plan should be like your Thanksgiving dinner.




Turkey- The turkey, or rather main course, of your marketing plan should be your product. Your product should be the star of the landscape. It shouldn’t be a dry turkey either, it needs to be a plump, moist, and perfectly salted turkey.


Stuffing-Web design, the bulk of the meal. People will notice if there’s something off with this one. It’s so easy to throw something together, but there is the right recipe to keep people coming back for seconds.

Cranberries-This is the photography. Looks pretty and you could easily serve canned cranberries, but people will notice the difference and there will be judgement. So take the time and effort to provide real photography and see the difference.





Mashed Potatoes & Gravy- This is the blogging aspect of the meal. It’s a classic and the meal isn’t complete without it.

Green Bean Casserole-PR, sure you could have nothing but starches and meat for your dinner, but you at least need the illusion of vegetables and something healthy.



Yams w/ Marshmallows-Is the social media, of this meal/marketing analogy. Why? Because you could easily have a meal without it, but this is what makes the meal complete. It’s usually everyone’s favorite and kids love it.





Pumpkin Pie-Should be the samples, promotions and discounts. This is the something sweet that keeps your customers coming back over and over. Your business can’t sustain itself on giving things away, the same way a person can’t sustain themselves on pie alone, but a slice now again is what makes life worth living.




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