I am also an underdog



We say life’s a bed of roses, but some only get the thorns

trying to follow all Thats hot, but they always end up scorned

That’s right, I mean the underdogs, the losers of this earth.

And all of you, know who you are, those who resent their birth

For life’s a bowl of cherries, and you only get the pits.

And like the money that your given, all your joy is counterfeit.

And you know that your an underdog, but what can you really do?

It seams your godforsaken, theres no hope at all for you.

They say the bigger that They are, the harder that they fall

But you never seam to have the guts to even start a brawl

Because they tower over you, and they make you hide in fear

And since you are an underdog, you take the beating, shed a tear

And you may think your a loser, but your powerful united,

If you all just stand together, a fire gets ignited!

And if you wonder why I care enough, to write this monologue,

I have a dark confession, I am also an underdog.

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