Life is a Circus


The truth is, there is a person that is the real you, sometimes buried deep beneath a pile of things everyone else told you you are, and the world needs that person unleashed! That person is the one that God had in his mind when He decided that you needed to exist – and both He and I will accept no substitutes!

God wants you to run away and join the circus – we just have to figure out what kind of high wire act YOUR circus performs! How do we do that?

Now we might ask ourselves something like “If I could do one non-naughty thing – and no one would ever know about it, so I couldn’t be made fun of or mocked – and it wouldn’t matter if I was good at it or not – what would I do?” And then we start looking at the first step we need to take towards hooking that up.

Does your “Circus Act” involve taking some sort of class? Do you need to find someone to teach you something new? What about supplies – anything that you need to get started?

Then, we take a deep breath – remind ourselves that God wants us to be 100% the person He made us to be, and that He thinks that person is AMAZING and fascinating … and decide that no one else gets to tell us who we are, only God, so we don’t need to be afraid. And we take that first step.

God believes in you, and can’t WAIT to see you learn and live into who you really are. And neither can I.

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