I have no address



I am a sparrow with a white heart and a thousand tongues.

I fly around the globe

Singing for peace, love and humanity

In every place,

I have no address.


My address is lines ornamented by dreams, beating hearts united by smiling hope

For people who wish good for other people all the time.

I sing, smile and cry.

My tears wash away pain

In every place.


Our paths are boats of longing, turning round and round with us —

One day to the east, another to the west, to tranquil moorings.

And when the waves go against us and cast us away,

Then the echo of my sounds at midnight will be a dock at the shore of tranquility,

In every place.


The day we join hands with others’ hands, our universe is

A rose garden blooming in the holy night.

It contains us, with hope, love and alleluias.


And I am the sparrow on the branch.

I sleep, dream and fly happily

In every place.

I have no address.

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