Love Story




He was a carefree man

She a caring woman

They met one day in a park

Both walking their dogs

They saw each other

And wagged their tails

Both the dogs I mean

And not the man and the woman

They looked at each other

And smiled

Not the dogs

I mean the man and the woman

Then they walked their own way

The dogs, man and woman

They met again

Without their humans on the leash

Hid together in the bushes

And wagged their tails

They were in love!

They met

Without their dogs on the leash

Had a coffee together and chatted

It was love, they knew

They stayed together and had puppies


They married but did not want kids (so soon)

They roamed around together

Hand in hand, the man and the woman

Years passed by

The puppies grew up and the Dogs grew old

The humans changed too

The carefree man became a suspicious husband

And, the caring woman became a jealous wife

Sitting together with their puppies

They watched

As their humans fought every night

The happy couple wondered

If their love stories started the same day

Why did it not go the same way



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