Spreading Love



So living the progressive world that exists today, its sometimes hard to find ordinary, sincere kindness.

People get so caught up in the competitiveness of life that sometimes we forget to recognize the common bond between humans.

It is rare to find someone who will hold the door open for you if you have groceries in your hands or someone who will offer a kind smile just as you pass on a busy street.

Sometimes we get so caught up in our own lives that we forget to look around and see that our dearest friends need us.

This post is meant for us to stop and smell the roses and look at what our world needs which is a little bit of Tender Love Care and kindness. And hopefully it will go beyond just words on a computer screen and become actions.

Hopefully it will become a drawing board for people who want to do something kind for someone else.

Or a way to share how just offering to hold the door open for the old woman who lives upstairs brought you to a wonderful conversation.

Hopefully this will become a place where we love each other and also love ourselves.

So welcome to “Spreading Love” and look forward to a future of happiness.

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