March Forward – An Inspirational Story



Sri Ramakrishna told a very fine story about how to go ahead towards the goal in our lives. May be you will like to hear the story from me.

A woodcutter used to earn his livelihood by cutting trees in the forest and selling the wood in the market. One day, he failed to find salable wood even after searching for a long time. He was very much disappointed because he had no money to buy food. When he was coming back from the forest with a broken heart, he saw a sage sitting under a tree on the other side of the forest.

The woodcutter pondered – “Should I ask him if he can help me to get wood and earn my bread.” He hesitated for a few moments, but lastly decided to approach the sage.

In reply to his query, the sage turned his eyes on him and only uttered — “Go ahead “.

Contemplating his luck, he started moving ahead. A time came when he reached in such a place where there was plenty of wood. His mind was filled with joy. He collected wood as much as he could carry. That day he earned enough money, which he did never get in the past.

Next day, once again he started moving towards that place where there was enough wood available for a few more days. When he almost reached that place, suddenly it came to his mind that the sage had advised him to go ahead. “So why should I stop here. What is the harm if I go forward a bit farther” — he said to himself.

This time he reached in such a place, which was full of sandalwood. On that day, he could earn much more than the previous day. In this way, keeping in mind the advice of the sage -he advanced farther and farther. As a sequel — he went on reaching, at first silver mine, then a gold mine and finally a diamond mine.

The story thus reveals that the woodcutter, even after getting at the very beginning much more than he ever expected did not stop, but marched forward as advised by the sage and as a result could lay his hands upon wealth.

Likewise you may also march forward without being thwarted by the odds that may come in your way to success so as to reach your cherished goal.

Wish you all the best.

Let you be inspired by the Eternal Message..

“Charoibeti Charoibeti.” ~” March Forward March Forward.”

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