Time is probably the most valuable commodity these days. Even if we think of something to be important, we often end up telling ourselves, “If only I had enough time.” Kids often think that they will get to do what they want once they are free from the control of their parents; college students will often think that they will get time once they are done studying; married people often think that they will have time when their kids are grown up; and so often we find older folks complaining,

“If only I had time when I was young.” Granted that there are always many things to do, but unless we find the time in the present, we are not going to find a “better” time. I have run across many people who think that meditation and such spiritual activities should be amongst the top priorities in their life. When I ask them, “How much time do you dedicate to it?”, they usually respond, “I don’t have much time these days but I do plan to do it.”

Tagore once said, “The butterfly counts not years but moments and so has enough time.” Perhaps it is true that we are losing our moments when we dedicate them to secure our “years” ahead. Perhaps the reason why we don’t have time to do the things we value is because we are overly possessed with things that just don’t matter much.

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