Random Act of Kindness




Let’s all practice Random Act of Kindness as of this year, as of today. It’s a great way to help heal humanity. We should really start doing it ourselves as part of our daily life and not rely on others anymore to make the world a better place.

 Random acts of kindness are a means by which we make a deliberate attempt to brighten or help another person or stranger’s day by doing something thoughtful, caring and concerned for them.

Those selfless Random acts of kindness are a wonderful way to reach across time and space to touch the life of another being. The power behind such act is extremely impactful and contagious.

It’s something you could do for a complete stranger, but you could also extend it to your family, friends, lover, colleague, community. Integrating it during your stressful daily life is the big ideal, but again you don’t have to really force it: you could simply be kind, be thoughtful, give compliments generously, say thank you for someone who quietly makes a difference in your community, cheer up the lonely, volunteer, share a little of your wealth around, send nice messages or poems, forgive somebody, share a smile and ideally expect nothing.

It’s time we all become more aware about our personal social responsibility. By spreading this message and by doing kind acts for others, you’re helping to create kindness-aware communities that value generosity and kindness toward others as essential parts of a healthy community.

 I’m sure you’ve all seen this amazing movie called Pay it Forward (if not you have to see it!)

This movie is a perfect illustration of Random Act of Kindness that went really viral and touched a whole community. The story is that when someone does something kind to you, you should do the same to 3 other people, who also pay it forward to three others themselves and hence you create a kindness-aware community.

Funny enough, as a new trend, even big companies are integrating Random Act of Kindness as part of their marketing / advertising strategies by doing something so random yet so personalized and thoughtful to engage with their customer, strengthen loyalty and generate positive word of mouth!  Ok maybe this is not selfless, but still it does good to us and it works:

 There was this airline company who decided to reward their customers through Random Act of Kindness, so they decided to look up for the names of all the people travelling with them on a specific date using social media websites to get a glimpse of who they are, what are their passion, interest, likes etc and bought them accordingly a small random gift. Finally when these customers got to the airport, they each found someone waiting for them with their name written on a sign…they got really intrigued at first, only to soon find out that the airline company they usually travel with is offering them a small yet a personalized gift that really touched them! The airline was indirectly saying: I know you; I recognize you and I want to do something nice to you as a thank you!

 What Do You Plan to Do To Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness?


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