Choices We Make



Every moment of every day presents us with such a wide variety of choices that it can be overwhelming at times. We choose our words, our expressions, our reactions to others. We’re actually responsible for much more that goes on in our lives than many of us stop to realize.

When I reflect on the vast array of choices I have made in my life, some make me smile with fond remembrance, some make me beam with pride, some make me want to forget I ever made them, others make me want to shed a tear, and still others make me wish I could take them back and make a completely different choice. That’s one thing about the choices we make, however; they cannot be undone once made. The only thing we can do is choose how we will deal with the consequences.

I have found that the key to making good choices is to never make a choice based on a whim and to allow yourself time to carefully analyze the possible outcomes before making a major decision. Many a bad decision arises from making a choice in a heated rush. Take time to catch your breath, weigh the options and realize that the consequences of each choice you make are things you will live with for the rest of your life.

In the past, I have had a real problem controlling my temper and keeping hurtful comments to myself. I now realize that it’s simply a matter of choice. Instead of feeling like I have to respond immediately to someone, I am now choosing to take a moment and carefully think about how my words will affect them and the situation. This has prevented many arguments and has made my interactions with others much more pleasant and enjoyable.

The main thing to remember about choices is that you always have them. Even though you can’t change the ones you’ve made in the past, each new day presents a whole new set of choices to be made. It’s almost like having the opportunity to start over with every breath. Just because you’ve made questionable choices in the past doesn’t mean you can’t start making better choices right now. Choose to forgive yourself for any bad decisions in the past and choose to be happy in the future!

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