4 Key Lessons in Kindness from Princess Diana, The “Queen of Hearts”



“Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.” ~ Princess Diana

Diana, the Princess of Wales, did not grow up a princess, but every single day after she took on the title of Princess, she wore it with a grace that made one think she had been wearing a tiara for years.

She started out the daughter of a Viscount who later became an Earl, born in Norfolk England in 1961. As a child she was shuffled around between her parents after their divorce and had a difficult relationship with her stepmother. However, her tumultuous childhood seem to only refine her and instill in her more kindness instead of making her bitter.

The Queen of Hearts: “I would like to be a queen in the hearts of the people.” ~ Princess Diana

Princess Diana as a young adult worked as a playgroup assistant. She had known the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles, for several years, but it wasn’t until 1980 when he appeared to take interest in her as his potential bride. In July of 1981, Diana would marry Prince Charles, becoming the Princess of Wales, and often fondly referred to after her death as the “Queen of Hearts.”

Early on in the marriage it was obvious that Princess Diana was someone special. When out shaking hands in the crowds, she was preferred over Charles, a fact that made him somewhat jealous and bitter of his young new wife. Her fame and popularity was not something she sought out, but something that came naturally as she bestowed upon everyone an unassuming smile and treated everyone she met like a friend.

The Princess of Wales was well known for her charity work through the years as she was Princess. She turned to charity as a way to cope with her role of Princess, one that she never entirely became used to. She would visit hospitals and schools as a part of her job, and through this she became interested in serious illnesses, including AIDS. She comforted patients with AIDS, raised money for them, was a patron of various charities, and more.

Princess Diana even met with Mother Teresa, another woman known for her kindness and service to the world. Interestingly enough, the two would die within just a few days of each other, and the world would lose  two incredible women who brought a little more joy and a little more kindness to people around the world.

 Princess Diana’s Legacy of Kindness: Although Princess Diana died long before her time, she left behind a rich legacy – one full of acts of service, compassion and kindness she is still remembered for today. Here are several of the important lessons that can be learned from her life.

  1. Lesson #1: Treat Everyone with Compassion – One of the lessons in kindness that can easily be learned from Princess Diana is to treat everyone with compassion. The Princess of Wales did not win the label “The Queen of Hearts” for no reason. She was well known for her work with charities and became a symbol of compassion and kindness. It was her compassion that made her the worldwide icon that she became and that is why she is still remembered today.
  2. Lesson #2: Use Position and Influence to  Make Change Happen –  Although becoming a Princess is not something Diana had aspired to, she took that title and made it work for her. She leveraged her position as princess to make a real difference in the world. It is a lesson that we should all strive to learn. What position and influence we have can be used to make good change happen. With her fame and recognition she was able to make all her efforts for a better world prominent. When she spoke, others listened. Thus she was able to get involved in many humanitarian causes that moved forward as she used her influence in a positive way.
  3. Lesson #3: The Importance of Our Children – Throughout the life of Princess Diana, she always showed how all-important her children were to her. She once said, “Any sane person would have left long ago. But I cannot. I have my sons.”  It was her two sons William and Harry who made her go on when her marriage was less than perfect. Although she was not treated well by the Royal Family, she continued on, determined that she would raise her sons to eventually be kings. Although she had many other duties, she never forgot the importance of her children, and they continue to live out her legacy today. Princess Diana went on to teach kindness to her sons as well. She worked hard to teach them the importance of caring for others and being a leader in more than just name. “I want my boys to have an understanding of people’s emotions, their insecurities, people’s distress, and their hopes and dreams,” Diana commented.
  4. Lesson #4: Life Can End in an Instant – Sadly, in her death, Princess Diana would go on to teach us another serious lesson. She would teach us that life can end in an instant. Along with loss of life there can be plans that are unfinished, horizons that are unexplored, and hopes and dreams that were never realized. We learn that every single moment is so precious and we should not waste away life, for it can be extinguished in the blink of an eye. It is essential that we increase our kindness to others, our generosity, the happiness and love we give to others. It was the warmth and compassion of the Princess that made her legacy live on like a “Candle in the Wind“. Although we may not hold the title of Princess or Prince we all influence others in our lives, and it is important to think about the legacy that we will leave behind.


And it seems to me you lived your life

Like a candle in the wind

Never fading with the sunset

When the rain set in

And your footsteps will always fall here

Along England’s greenest hills

Your candle’s burned out long before

Your legend ever will

~ Elton John

Which lesson inspired you most? What other insights can we gain from the life and legacy of Princess Diana? Please share in the comments.

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