Limited Time


“What we do now echoes in eternity.” – Marcus Aurelius

What you do today impacts how memorable you’ll be in the future. If you’re still waiting to pursue a dream or check-off something on the list, you’re just wasting time and increasing the chances that you’ll never get it done.

Just take a step, any step, to propel yourself in motion. More doing, less thinking.

We only have so many hours, days, and years left, which can easily be exaggerated into an eternity. But we don’t last forever. The work happens in the now space and time.


As long as you’re learning


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You may not be in the right spot. You may feel like others are progressing faster. You may feel the need to quit and start anew.

But as long as you’re learning, you should think twice about giving up. Education is an invaluable resource. Technology is accelerating so fast today you have no choice but to adapt and stay on top of the latest developments.

If you have access to the right tools and use them to your advantage it’s almost impossible to fall back. Learning is a choice. You may feel stuck in work title but this is exactly the moment to polish the edges, to strengthen your work with facts and new ideas.

Your day will come, and you’ll be more prepared than the rest of them. You’ll also be just as busy. Never lose your sense of wonder.

Creativity vs. Innovation



Creativity and innovation are not fungible items. They are steps in the process of making.

Creativity is the first step. Creativity represents all the boundless thoughts that lead to innovation. In other words, innovation is where the ideas go into action.

Innovation is what happens to creativity. You establish an idea and then you innovate it into action with the existing tools, or you build the tools required to make it happen.

Creativity births newness while innovation may sometimes lead to marginal improvements. For instance, creativity bred the original iPhone. No one really knew that they wanted a supercomputer that fit into their pocket. Innovation led to the iPhone 5s and iOS 7. Apple is taking the same approach on TVs, presumably turning it into a supercomputer that connects traditional and online media.

If creativity is the mind, innovation is the thing that puts the bone in the goose.

There’s the creative-thinking process and then there’s the doing. Both are pre-requisites for making ideas happen. You don’t just do one, you do both.

That Itch


One of the rules of adulthood is that life doesn’t wait. Life only waits for you to take action.

We may call it luck, but people are successful because they’re prepared and they ride the wave of opportunity.

Of course, it helps that you can identify what you like doing so you focus on doing it every day. Love and labor move in parallel.

One way to identify what you enjoy doing is to identify your itch. For Michael Jordan, that itch was basketball. Basically, the itch is something you know you’d rather be doing when you’re not doing it. It’s the same feeling you get when you don’t brush your teeth.

What’s itching you? Maybe you should spend 5-10 minutes working on that today.

Faulty Impressions


Today is Black Friday, which means a lot of retailers are going to be counting impressions. What are impressions? Impressions are the number of times your content loads on a webpage (e.g. in the newsfeed on Facebook) or the number of times your store gets seen, presumably by everyone who walks by.

Impressions are a good way to assess the amount of potential eyeballs but a bad way to measure success. Just because your content loads in someone’s newsfeed or someone walks by your store, doesn’t mean they even see or acknowledge your advertisement.

Impressions are bunk. People pass by me every day (1 person = 1 impression) in New York but they rarely acknolwedge my existence. They never look at me, we never chat, and vice versa. But it’s practical: we can’t possibly see and talk to everybody. Time is of the essence!

Attention and engagement are the real success measures. Engagement is a click, a share, or a like. The most engaged people are the usually the ones that are the most loyal, tell their friends, and keep coming back to buy more.

Engagement is the currency of the social web and real world. Impressions inflate views and project false realities. How do you call attention to yourself, your content, or your product? You create great awareness and a good product experience. Engagement is a combination of both style and substance that is measurable beyond the naked eye. Engagements sell.

The Benefits of Marketing in Trade Shows and Expos



There are numerous options to market and promote your products and services. Some of your options include:
telemarketing, classified and display ads, signs, door-to-door, newspapers, magazines, internet, brochures, phone books, television, radio, bill boards, direct mail, flyers, post cards and many more.

Participating in Trade Shows, Expos, Festivals, Seminars, Exhibitions, Conventions, Conferences, Fairs and Swap Meets is one of the best ways to expose your business. You can call it whatever you want. Any event that allows you to have the opportunity to display and showcase your products and services face-to-face with potential new customers in your target market gives you numerous benefits and advantages.

Instead of chasing down cold leads, you now have a large number of people in your target market coming up to you. You are not chasing behind them. You will be able to start building friendly relationships with people when they come up to you to ask questions, get your marketing literature, exchange business cards, watch you demonstrate your items and/or let them try samples.

As you look at this list, you will see that most of these options involve one form or the other of cold calling. Eventually you may be able to close a deal from cold leads, but it is much easier to follow up on warm and hot leads from the people you either met at an Expo or people you were referred to by somebody you talked to at the event.

You have to find the right kind of Trade Show or Expo for your business that has a large enough attendance record so you are not wasting your time, money or effort. There should be at least a few thousand attendees. You must confirm that the people expected to attend are in your target market.

These people made an effort to come to the event. Most charge some type of an entrance or admission fee and usually a parking fee. So you have people who willingly and voluntarily paid good money to attend. In many cases they gave up their entire day, or their evening, or morning or possibly their whole weekend because they want to be there.

People walk in the door already very interested in your products and services. This is your very rare chance to be face-to-face with the decision makers. They could be the president, vice-president, CEO, executives of a corporation, or it could be the two spouses in a family.

You will also get high quality referrals. If you meet some people at your booth in the expo that have no need for your products or services, they will still refer you to their friends, relatives and business associates who they think would be interested. They might even recommend you. It is more likely that these people will be willing to do business with your company through a friend’s referral than you trying to cold call them.

When you give attendees your marketing materials at an Expo, there is a better chance that they will actually read it, or at least spend some time looking it over, unlike them getting junk mail and standing over the trash can immediately throwing it away.

Every company should have some type of an idea what their competition is doing and the prices they are charging for the same or similar products and services being offered. It is a good way for you to check out your competition and other exhibitors. Take advantage of the networking opportunity. There may be a way for you and other exhibitors to mutually benefit like exchanging links on each others websites.

Participating in an Expo is fun and a relaxing atmosphere. The high energy generated on the Exhibit Floor among the other exhibitor and the attendees contributes to your motivation and success.

Your online marketing plan should be like your Thanksgiving dinner.




Turkey- The turkey, or rather main course, of your marketing plan should be your product. Your product should be the star of the landscape. It shouldn’t be a dry turkey either, it needs to be a plump, moist, and perfectly salted turkey.


Stuffing-Web design, the bulk of the meal. People will notice if there’s something off with this one. It’s so easy to throw something together, but there is the right recipe to keep people coming back for seconds.

Cranberries-This is the photography. Looks pretty and you could easily serve canned cranberries, but people will notice the difference and there will be judgement. So take the time and effort to provide real photography and see the difference.





Mashed Potatoes & Gravy- This is the blogging aspect of the meal. It’s a classic and the meal isn’t complete without it.

Green Bean Casserole-PR, sure you could have nothing but starches and meat for your dinner, but you at least need the illusion of vegetables and something healthy.



Yams w/ Marshmallows-Is the social media, of this meal/marketing analogy. Why? Because you could easily have a meal without it, but this is what makes the meal complete. It’s usually everyone’s favorite and kids love it.





Pumpkin Pie-Should be the samples, promotions and discounts. This is the something sweet that keeps your customers coming back over and over. Your business can’t sustain itself on giving things away, the same way a person can’t sustain themselves on pie alone, but a slice now again is what makes life worth living.