Real success will not come overnight!

There are often bumps along the way, but those who are committed to their vision or mission will stay the course. They will figure out how to conquer certain challenges. They do not quit when the going gets rough.

Those who are committed are able to see the big picture, and are patient in getting there. 

There may be lots of unpleasant things to be done on the way toward that big picture. Successful people can take that in stride.

Hard work means that you are willing to put in your dues, and you understand that. Through applying yourself and gaining experience, you will learn many life lessons that are not taught in school.

These life lessons will later become important for other challenges down the road. Hard work also gives you perspective. You are able to realize that most of the best things in life do not come easily.

It is, therefore, through a combination of commitment and hard work that most people realize success. Success is often as simple as a job well done.

Those who understand and achieve in that manner are truly successful.

It does not have to be all that society may portray it to be. And, it is not necessarily marked by materialistic holdings. Success mostly comes from using your gifts to your best ability, working hard on the challenges in front of you, and finding ways to help others. 


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