Deepavali makes me yearn for my childhood years because the best Deepavali consist of me chasing my cousins running for their life from a lit firecracker, cousins whom I miss having fun with.

Its sad how growing older can drive you apart, not due to animosity but due to varying experiences and the buzz of life. You suddenly realize you have nothing in common anymore and worse, you hardly even have the chance to meet to try to rekindle the camaraderie you once had.

The anticipation and excitement felt before school holidays and then spending it together playing board games late into the night, the joy of each other’s company and the innocence and simplicity of the relationship without the hypersensitivity and overanalyzing associated with adulthood brings about a nostalgic smile.

Oh well, there will be, hopefully, many more Deepavali’s and with luck, most will be spent in the company of all family members.

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