Lifes Events.

Most of the events of your life have been shaped by your thoughts, attitude and expectations. Think about success and expect success, and you will be aware of opportunities, which you usually do not see now. Learn to be peaceful inside you, and you won’t be troubled by external situations or circumstances, even if you cannot change them. 

Live in the present moment, not in the past. The past is past. Don’t let it affect your present thoughts and feelings and the situations of your future. Make the effort of reminding you to think positive thoughts, and have faith in yourself that you can do so.

The past has a great power on everyone, and is responsible for the present situations in one’s life. By being conscious of your present thoughts and feelings, you shape your future. By being more aware of your thoughts, and aware of the feelings associated with them, you can start rejecting the thoughts and feelings that have been shaping your life in a negative way.

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