Who am I?


I am someone who can be quiet and shy or loud and obnoxious, adventurous, sensitive, reliable, funny and friendly. I can be very demanding, quick tempered, careless, sometimes welcoming criticism and at other times hating it. I will stand up for what I believe in, but won’t put others down for their beliefs. I work hard for everything I have and everything I want to be in life.

My sense of humor is a big part of who I am, joking and clowning around just to make people laugh. I believe smiles make the face more attractive so I always try to wear one. I never meet strangers, only new friends. But will drop a friendship if I feel betrayed or lied to.

I hate it when people gossip, or dishonest in any way, think they know everything or act better than others.

I am someone who doesn’t look at a person’s outer appearance and judge them, just because they may not speak the same language, or have the same color skin as me, nor do I believe I’m any different or better than anyone else, for we are all created equal.

Sometimes I will use advice that I’ve been given, hoping it will make me wiser, but I will only give advice when I’m asked, I can be a very good listener, For I have two ears to listen more and one mouth to talk less.

I am someone who loves the outdoors, the warmth of the sun shining down on my head, fresh fruits and veggies, the sound of drums beating, a walk on the beach, camping and hiking through the woods, the click of a camera to a sunset and romantic dinners with a beautiful woman, I am someone who enjoys being in the presents of good company, karaoke parties and trips to coffee shops.

Besides writing, I have so many other hobbies, shooting photos, drums, cooking, listening to all types of music, bowling with friends, reading playwrights, spending time with family, working out, CNN, I try avoiding anything that puts me in an unhappy situation.

I am a brother, uncle, son and grandson. I‘m active, healthy and will always be young at heart. From all my likes and dislikes, to my loving friends and family, they’ve all contributed to making me into who I am. Without everything in my life, I wouldn’t be WHO I AM.

Who are you?

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