When chasing a dream, don’t forget to look down…

Sometimes we are so focused on our goals, that we do not take into consideration other people and all that pertains to others’ lives. We have the potential to destroy others and all that they have accomplished due to years and years of arduous work if we only fix our eyes on what we want and do not take the time to think of others.

This thought was so clear to me when I was walking today on a surface with many anthills. If I had only focused on my goal (getting from a to b), I would had disregard the anthill and could have had step on many of them provoking not only those little ants to die, but affecting their homes, colonies, and potentially destroying all the work that they produced in I don’t know how many ant-years.

So when you are trying to get from a to b, always remember to be considerate of others.

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