There comes a time in life where you truly learn how to appreciate and admire something. 

You feel that colossal sense of satisfaction when you feel that pleasurable sensation. 

You learn to look beyond the obvious, you look deep into something and everything suddenly becomes so much clearer. 

You learn to love someone with all your heart, you learn to be thankful for everything god has blessed you with, you learn to withstand pain, you learn to move on, you learn to forgive, but through it all, as the days and the moments pass you by, the memories never die. 

And that’s when you feel that even stronger force that takes you back through every moment in life that you have cherished and missed. 

All the laughs, the smiles, the memories, the days and nights spent together, the letters, the scents, the innocence, the triviality of life, the impulsive attitudes and the sheer indifference you felt towards each other. And as the years go by, and you see yourself growing old, and as the memories start to fade, they are reignited through the intensity of the love and pleasure felt back then. 

They probably have new lives, new best friends and new memories, he probably moved on, moved out, found love again, but the moments and the feelings that you shared with them, will always be able to revive themselves through your memories. 

Those late nights you sit down on your bed, looking at old photos, letters, yearbooks, that’s when you truly understand the power of nostalgia.

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