Sometimes I think, if I were to have a super power of some sort, what would it be, and I really cant make up my mind. because the truth is, if you could read minds, do you really want to know what everyone is thinking about you or about anyone else? because the truth or even opinions for this matter, hurt. and some people can take the pain, but others break down and sometimes never get back up again to see a brighter day.

And what if you could fly? where would you go, how far away could you go, could you escape your troubles? the answer is No. because wherever you go, your troubles do tend to follow you. reality has made us so that we are incapable of simply living life without a thought in the world, whether you were in the sky, or down on the ground.

And what if you had super strength, wouldn’t you eventually get fed up of the constant pressure and the constant expectations to save the day, everyday? and what if you were smarter and more intellectual than any other person, you would surely go mental!

The deal is, sometimes we look at the luxuries and positive gifts of life and we ignore the negative drawbacks that may come from them! and sometimes we look at life in a pessimistic manner and all we see is grief.

So just stop and think, and look at life from a balanced perspective

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