If I had a Time Machine……………….

If I had a time machine

I wouldn’t change this.

I wouldn’t change the childhood that made me.

I wouldn’t go back and tell myself it’ll be alright.

I wouldn’t go back and rewrite that poem.

I’d go back farther.

I’d see my grandma one last time.

I’d tell her that I loved her.

That she influenced me beyond her years.

That even though she died

I was still carrying her in my heart.

I’d get to know my great grandparents.

Hear their stories from their lips.

Have breakfast at their table and tell them they made a difference.

I’d go back and see Eve.

While she sat on the ground and cried for her sin

I would tell her don’t worry, don’t worry, this is only the beginning.

Trust me you did it you made it.

I’d tell them that its okay to cry, its okay to mourn

But never never regret the things that you’ve done.

Look down your family tree.

Look down and standing at the bottom is me.

There is me looking up at these sprawling branches

Up through these devastating leaves.

There is me.

Me and a thousand others.

People who would not exist, who would not breathe or laugh or regret things if you had not lived.

If you had not done what you’ve done

and we would not be the people you see before you.

So if I had a time machine

I’d go back.

I’d go back and tell them do not regret what you’ve done.

I like who I am. 


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