Everyone has “friends”, but not all of these “friends” are actually gonna stay friends with you, they either want to use you to get something, bring you down once they know enough bout you… 

Then you have the friends who actually are friends, and help you through things you never thought you could get over… I owe everything to my friends, they’re the ones keeping me attached to this earth. My real true friends are my rock, I turn to them for everything. The people that I know are way better than any other people in this god forsaken planet. Whenever I am having the shittiest day, all i do is text them and I am doing better, they make me once have I really truthful looked any of them in the eyes and said thanks, thanks for being there for me, for pulling me through the worst times of my life, so that any of my other friends, I can help pull them from the ground, and help rebuild them, like my friends did mine. I figured out my new mission, to help friends in need, to be the listener, to just answer their text messages for them to feel happy, to know that there is someone in this messed up world.

I’ll always be a friends rock, no matter what.

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