Think about yourself and your life. are you the same person with your friends? the same person with your husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/wife? are you the same person in front of a complete stranger? are you the same person when you’re alone? For myself I would definitely say no.

To some extent or the other, when you come across things in life that don’t really have a substantial meaning you don’t really pay any attention to it nor do you put an effort in to make it mean something that’s the same when you meet a complete stranger, you don’t exactly exhibit yourself and everything you truly are to them because they don’t play that substantial role in your life. but then when it comes to your family or friends you do all that you can to portray yourself in a positive and loving way because they mean so much to you that you cannot lose them; its either that or you just be who you are and give them the option of take it or leave it without the fear of abandonment because of how much they care for you. its human nature. What about your significant other? who are you when you’re with them? are you the person you want to be? or the person you should be? or the person they want you to be? And when you’re all alone that mysterious fragment of yourself that no one knows or wonders about is revealed. And at the end of the day everyone has a different persona to deal with a different facet of your life.

But when you think about it.. everyone has three lives. Your public life, where you choose to share what you want to share with everyone, then there’s your private life which is the life you choose to share with people you truly love and care for and the life you endeavor to keep out of the public eye, and then there’s your secret life – the mysterious facet of your life that nobody knows about and nobody ever wonders about.

So Everyone has three lives and nobody has to choose which one to keep.

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