As much as people may say to be yourself and not to be a copy of someone else, the truth is that we are all inspired everyday. We are all influenced by people around us or people we hear about, watch, look up to and most of us become shadows of people we hardly even know.

I mean, when you look at yourself in the mirror, who do you want to be? 

Do you want to be the person you see in the mirror?

Are you truly happy? 

Truly content with who you are? 

or do you want to have that perfect nose you see on TV? 

do you want to have the same love story as they do on your favorite show? 

do you want to feel as happy and free as he / she does in your favorite movie? 

When you search deep inside yourself, you will feel it. But its okay to want to be more, to want more, its human nature after all, some people are good at concealing it but no one can really fight that feeling.

But look up to people who are real. people who are worth it, people who have made a difference, people who make you a better person. but never lose your identity and who you really are within, during it all, because once you lose who you are you never really know if you will ever find yourself again.

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