The Characteristics of A Leader: A Leadership Poem Written By: Ressurrection Graves

Leaders are readers they take history and recreate it, they get lost in powerful stories and become one.

Leaders never dwell on their title because they possess their position so well that others make up titles for them in reverence.

Leaders are patient teachers with multiple gifts and they stick to their authentic selves.

They choose paths that allow them to do what they love while saving lives.

Leaders believe they are winning even when to others, they are losing;

Leaders see a dead-end and build a bridge; pave a road; change their transportation; are the change in their relationships.

Leaders are not conceited because they hang around people with gifts that they don’t have.

Leaders have followers, not because they are bullies; they are irresistible beings with endless solutions who master their behavior.

Leaders are imperfect people who reinvent themselves as often as they add a new skill.

In many cases, a leader may not be liked, or respected but they cannot be denied.

Leaders know that God is their source, and not their resource.

They pray for wisdom and gain abundance.

We are in an overflow experience where the remnant of Martin’s Dream and Obama’s Change has taken root.

More children have access to higher dimensions of theory than ever before.

Your grandparents were told to be quiet unless spoken to, while we believe children have a pure sense of faith and creativity for the world; they should be heard.

Just as this world is eliminating a middle class, We must equip ourselves to be truly free at last.

From the chains of mediocrity, that people swallow as an excuse like a placebo; deceiving themselves by maintaining their pain instead of manifesting a cure, this is a charge to each and every one of you to want more.

See your gifts to the world and own them, each and every one.

Know that Leaders are readers, they study to create.

They look their weaknesses right in the fragility of their face.

They have vision that some blind men cannot see.

Leaders have been known to be worth more than their invoice fee, until the tipping point happens when those watching are still in disbelief.

You are a Leader.

It is a universal calling from Heaven but like God, we have free will to choose.

I FOREVER believe that God put leader inside of you!

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