A True Leader by Jennifer Mualin



A true leader is not born, but made.

A true leader leads with love and boundless faith.

A true leader is reconnected with his source,

and it overflows to those around him.

A true leader doesn’t care if he is the leader,

as long as he inspires his people,

to their own greatness.

A true leader holds a vision greater than himself,

and doesn’t let go until it is achieved.

A true leader sees the essence of his people

and not just, the customs others perceive.

A true leader celebrates the victories

and challenges the failures,

to take his people to where they have never been.

A true leader empowers others,

but not micromanages.

A true leader is the example others seek to live.

A true leader trusts others before they trust him.

And serves others before they have served him.

A true leader doesn’t settle on mediocrities,

but constantly returns others,

to their own greatness.

A true leader doesn’t believe in bureaucracies

but rather desinterestly, serves the people.

A true leader is the example he seeks to set.

A true leader is one in many,

and yet many become the one, in a true leader.

A true leader reaches heaven,

only to give others the experience of reaching such a state.

A true leader uses we instead of I.

Gives and rarely asks,

but rather motivates others to ask


what they really want,

and then supports them on that.

A true leader never enforces because of how can he enforce

when the only force is one,

and it is not outside him but within him evermore.

A true leader understands it is not in making followers what will cause him to succeed,

but developing leaders.

A true leader cries when he needs to cry,

but then gets up stronger than before.

A true leader is the power of God in the human soul,

manifesting love and the joy of life.

A true leader is faith unannounced.

A true leader is spirit profound.

A true leader is life expressed.

A true leader is truth professed.

A true leader is one and so many things

that all go back to the people he leads,

and the vision he sets, and the glory he gets,

everytime when he looks in the eyes of others

and sees in them an aspect of himself, developed,

in the greatness of others,

because he believed in them before they believed in him,

and he could see deeper, greater and grander,

than what the majority would have seen,

through his eyes of love, through his God inside,

and so, that is why he is a true leader,

and if you find him, greet him and invite him,

he will recognize you before you have seen him

as the next great leader he has ever seen.

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