People failing to communicate in this era…



When someone speaks to you face to face, there are thousands of non-verbal cues to let you know what they are trying to express. The same exact words can change meaning with a shrug or a sigh. Indeed, even how the person stands can let you know if they are really interested in what you are saying. If someone leans in while you speak, chances are they’re interested. If they looks around the room, at their watch, or at the table, they are not interested in the subject.

There is a reason that final job interviews are held in person, and not over the phone or via the Internet. You can’t really gauge a person based on their word choice alone. Phone interviews can sometimes help you gauge the person’s professionalism and tone of voice, but a face to face interview is usually necessary when making a final decision. Subtle clues can let you know if a person really means what they are saying, and in-person communication cannot be effectively replaced.

The problem is that everyone is so busy! Rushing to work, then the store, the gas station, pick up the kids, then home again, leaves little time for visiting. It’s much easier to stay in touch with a quick text or Facebook update. Today you have to really work to establish and maintain real communication.

One of the biggest issues with written communication is the failure to express tone of voice. It’s so easy to misinterpret a message by imagining that the other person is angry, being silly, or dead cold serious. We’ve tried to make up for this problem with many different, tired-out emotes, and even those can sometimes add confusion. A wink ; ), could be interpreted as flirting when the sender only meant it as a smile. Even more confusion abounds when the receiver doesn’t understand the emote. For example (^o^) This LOL emote could be misinterpreted as a clown, a sniff, or even a Hello Kitty… Best one I have come across lately is the hug from a blackberry. When sent to an iPhone, it shows up as ({}) … Receiving this from your mom isn’t the greatest thing in the world, but it is a great laugh. 

Although e-mails, Facebook, Twitter, and texting can help open the doors to communication, by expressing your frustrations, status, or moods, it is not a replacement to real communication. 

Our society needs to strive to maintain real relationships that involve going outside the front door. A visit to mom should never be replaced with an e-mail. A hug cannot be replaced with a >:D< It just doesn’t feel the same.




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