Have an open mind

Closed Minded People:-

Do you ask yourself what’s wrong with me? I shall tell you. Most people have closed minds. Have an open mind I will explain. When you first see someone you make a judgement of them. This first impression enters your mind and affects almost every interaction afterwards.

This is not the way it should be. We can not read minds, or who knows maybe you can. As for me I can not. Therefore how am I supposed to know why they act the way they do? Maybe the person has had a bad day. We assume the worst usually. Be nice to everyone, it will only help. So you have enemies and people that hate you.

Be nice to them especially. If you try this, one of two things usually happen. One thing is it makes the enemies angry, which can be very funny. Their loss if they do not cheer up. Two they change from enemies to friends. The latter probability of course is the best outcome. Either way though is good for you, because you know you did try. Always be open to new ideas. Let’s say you have a terrible day.

Every time you are in this bad mood it effects how you interact with people. you give out a frown it will be passed along. The same goes with a smile. Spread happiness and show that you are strong. You will be doing the greatest job in the world. Be accepting of people whether good or bad. 

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