Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart!


There’s a street sweeper somewhere who loves what he does for a living.

There’s a taxi driver somewhere who takes great pride in his cab and delights in delivering passengers to their destinations.

There’s a call center worker somewhere who speaks with such joy that it brings a smile to even the most cantankerous of customers.

There’s a garbage man somewhere who skips to his truck every morning, looking forward to another great shift.

There’s a factory worker somewhere who always aims to do her best, operating with efficiency and lifting the moods of those around her.

There’s a waitress somewhere who brings passion to her job from the first customer through to closing time.

There’s a school janitor somewhere who whistles to himself with a smile as he goes about his daily routine.

There’s an aged care worker who sees dignity in each of her patients and aims to make her day better so that she can make their day better.

They’ve all got one thing in common.

They all realize that they will work approximately 100,000 hours during their careers, so they may as well enjoy it.

They all realize that you bring a great attitude to work, rather than expecting work to improve your attitude.

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart!

Would your career be more satisfying if you did?

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