Are you a goldfish or a shark?



Be a shark, not a goldfish…

When I was a kid, I used to keep goldfish as pets.

They were a great pet for a child as they were easy to look after and didn’t eat much.

The thing with goldfish is that they are completely dependant on their owners for food, clean water and light.

They can even be trained to anticipate their feeding time, swimming to the surface looking for food if they are fed at the same time each day.

However, sharks aren’t dependent on anyone.

They are apex predators who never stop moving and are always on the lookout for opportunities.  They are fearless, bold and resourceful enough to go where the food is, not wait for it to come to them.

Which one are you?

Goldfish live in a small world, while sharks think big, read widely and go where they want.

Goldfish are trained to come to the surface for a few measly flakes of food, while sharks go and get what they want and eat according to their own efforts and skill.

Goldfish feel insecure when challenging times come because too much of their destiny is in the hands of others, while sharks are less concerned about external pressures and more about their own performance.

Goldfish have their intellect, faith and motivational levels fed by others, while sharks know that they are responsible for these aspects of life.

Goldfish are timid and probably wouldn’t survive for long if they weren’t in their small, enclosed tank, while sharks are fearless, preferring not to set limits on their goals and aspirations.

Are you a goldfish or a shark?


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