Being a forward Thinking Manager

Here’s the quote of the day – Managers Orchestrate  

 “Some managers question their usefulness when they see a Technician executing the job really well, by asking themselves, ‘Am I necessary if Jane Technician does the job right every time?’ Great Managers understand that their usefulness lies in orchestration – answering these questions: ‘How can I cultivate ten more excellent Technicians like Jane?’ ‘What systems can I put in place to support this Technician and maximize her productivity?’ ‘How can we document what Jane learned to get so good?’ Excellent Technicians need less management – but never none.”  –  Jed Bickford  Marketing Manager, E-Myth   
It brings up an interesting point, something I notice throughout my organization: a fear of being totally useless.
Often, when we bring on new staff to get us where we’re heading, we see existing staff get nervous. 
We’re almost always looking to reduce their workload and offload some of their tasks so they can get to others that are being neglected, but inevitably there is the, “Then what will I be doing?” question. And entrepreneurs themselves live with this fear and create a bottleneck in their business.  
I often hear people say, “You shouldn’t be doing your own bookkeeping!  You need to free up your time to run your business!” and yet, for years, when I heard this I secretly thought, “Aren’t I already running my business?  Isn’t bookkeeping part of that?
What the heck else should I be doing instead?” and fear of that unknown area would keep me opening mail and plowing through paperwork (miserably I might add).     Forward thinking managers do exactly what Emyth states- instead of doing the work of the business, they orchestrate the technicians in the business so that more work can be done, acquired and improved upon.    
Are you afraid to move your career forward? Are you creating a bottleneck in your own business because you’re afraid of the new areas you need to move your skills into, learn about and improve yourself in?

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