Be Humble Even In Your Greatness

Be Humble Even In Your Greatness

Be humble
Even in your greatness.
Be noble
Even if in you own the stars.

For in order to have the prize,
You must be humble to pay the price.
Your stars will not last forever.
Your crowns will not surely endure.

Yes, you may even have trophies
But it is not an excuse
To live a life being humble,
To be more than noble.

My friend, they whose pride
Is greater than what is right
Have already bought a home
In the hell’s zone.

They who boast of their riches
And are drunkards of foolishness
Have already perished
But I pray that they’ll be restored and not just punished.

They who forgot that they are humans
Are those whose pride reached the heavens
But they must be reminded
That they escape from being dread.

Let no one
Reach the sun
And burn there
And leave earth’s goodness forever.

My friend,
Be humble even in your greatness.

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